Special offer ! 4 channel dvr w/ 1tb hard drive w/ 4 night/day cameras 1080p 1.3mp cameras. Starting at $1499 installed. call for exact quote.
Dome cameras available!
Want your security camera system professionally installed? Call us and we can install  a complete security camera system equipped with dvr in a few hours. We have affordable security camera systems with both indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Our indoor cameras come equipped with infared leds for night viewing. Our outdoor cameras or weatherproof. Call us and let one of our technicians come out and give you a fast quote!
Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras available!
Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras are some of the most versatile cameras on the market. We have 20x optical zoom and 40x optical zoom
Would you like to be able to watch you home or business when your away? Let us Program you security cameras for remote viewing from any pc, smart phone or tablet pc! IP cameras also available!
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St. Louis Security Camera Installations at affordable prices!
Home security camera installation
business security camera installation
We only install High quality HD camera systems. All our dvr's or nvr's have their own dedicated phone viewing app. And our systems come with platinum 2 year warranty on parts , including cameras.
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